1. Research- We research information about air pressure affects the egg and how air pressure helps the egg go down the bottle.

2.Finding the Problem- How can air pressure push an egg in a bottle without using physical force

3. Make a Hypothesis- I think that the egg will go in the bottle via air pressure and with no physical force

4. Experiment-

1. light a match and drop it in the bottle

                                                    2. put an egg in the neck of the bottle

                                                    3. watch the magic of the egg going in the bottle

                                                    4. now try to get the egg out 

                                                    5.compile data-

                                                   After doing the experiment, the egg has succesfully been sucked in the bottle  with help from air pressure and our hypothesis is correct.

                                                    6. form a conclusion-

                                                   After doing the experiment, we saw that our hypothesis was right.

Posted by Brian and Help from Patrick