The Written Report

In our experiment we will be trying to show how air pressure works.

First we will burn paper, cardboard, or any flamable object (but no

gasoline) in to the bottle. Then we put a egg on top on the snapple

bottle that has the  (non gasoline) flammable object in the bottle. We

put the egg on the top of the bottle and wait for the egg to go into

the bottle. While we wait for the egg to go into the bottle, lets explan

how it works. As the flammable object burns, the oxygen level is

begin decreased by the fire in the bottle. There the nature wants to

balance everything from weighs in supermarkets, from building

working cranes. Nature wants the bottle to have the same oxygen

level in the bottle and proceeds to push the egg in the bottle. The air

pressure succesfully gets the egg in the bottle and it regulated the

air pressure in the area. We keep repeating this with 5 different

types of flammable objects and 5 different eggs. After each trial, we

now have to vaccum the egg from the bottle using the

vaccum cleaner. This project shows how air pressure regulated and

how air pressure works.